Build a good Portfolio
on gender equality

We help you incorporate into your Portfolio theme of gender equality and inclusion (UN Goal 5) while maintaining excellent prospects for financial gain.


Earning by promoting gender equality

According to the United Nations, male-female equality is progressing very slowly around the world: at the current rate, it will take "300 years to abolish child marriages, 286 years to remove laws that discriminate against women, 147 years to achieve equality in business, and 47 years for political equality."

Positive Finance offers you to invest your savings today by choosing the themes of 'social inclusion and gender equality and expressing your interest in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Build your own Portfolio by following our operational tips

You will find on Positive Finance our methodological advice for setting up a performing Portfolio diversified, promoting social issues and gender equality, from the data in our database: we will take you step by step.

If you want the assistance of a professional, contact your trusted financial advisor who will be able to help you make your project a reality and answer all your questions.

or subscribe to the Portfolio
"Gender Equality"
by Positive Finance and online sim!

With online sim and Positive Finance you can invest in a Portfolio on gender equality in 4 clicks!

We offer you a model wallet service focused on the theme of gender equality that you can follow directly from your smartphone.

The Positive Finance team takes care of everything: the selection of the best sustainable funds, their allocation according to market conditions , and periodic reporting. Online sim guarantees the execution of all transactions on favorable economic terms.

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The three stages of the process


Define your goals:
for equality and financial  

Set integrated goals that consider both financial factors (expected performance and market risks) and sustainability factors (gender equality and other ESG factors) by clearly defining your sustainability priorities and ambition.


Research mutual funds
and quality ETFs  

Choose managers who demonstrate that they know how to achieve your financial goals while meeting high standards for managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities , and who emphasize gender equality in their investments.


Evaluate the performance
of your investments

Measure your dual benefit: Compare your financial management results against the market and assess the regularity of your performance. Define impact indicators related to social issues related to gender equality and observe progress over time .