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How do you deal with your clients' ESG preferences in MiFID II profiling?

As of August 2022, MiFID II imposes profiling of investors' ESG preferences, which requires a profound overhaul of the processes for surveying and processing investors' sustainability preferences.

As MiFID profiling is complex and often managed through inflexible applications that are difficult to adapt, we have created turnkey solutions to help you provide advanced advice to your clients.

Create a competitive advantage
through advanced ESG profiling
advanced profiling of your customers

MC Advisory CSR, the creator of 'Positive Finance', offers you a complete service :
- an
advanced ESG profiling questionnaire,
- a robust methodological assessment approach,
- sustainability data from thousands of mutual funds,
- MIFID suitability verification solutions

because the ESG is also a fantastic opportunity to get to know and serve your customers better.

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For you, an advanced ESG consulting service. Turnkey.

We assess the sensitivity
of the client
to ESG issues

Everyone associates the term 'sustainability' with a different meaning.
We assess clients'sensitivity to ESG issues through drawings and simple questions.
It takes
five minutes to answer the questionnaire.

We refer to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals to define the sustainability guidelines that are closest to customer preferences.

We have defined 14 impact areas that the customer can indicate as a preferred 'positive' address.

We also surveyed 7 macro areas of exclusions, related to weapons, fossil energy, nuclear energy, sources of dependency, environmental damage, human rights andethics.

We evaluate both positive and negative
positive and negative

We provide
turnkey solutions
to professionals

From the client's ESG profile to the suitability check prospectus, we provide you with all the services you need to comply with MiFID regulation while providing the client with a detailed account of the correspondence between its Portfolio and its Sustainability Values and Objectives.

because sustainability is a fantastic opportunity to deepen customer knowledge. 

Frequently asked questions

What working methodology do you use?
  • We evaluated the management processes of funds and ETFs that claim to address sustainability(SFDR Art. 8 and 9) 
  • We search the websites of the Society management companies for legal documents, prospectuses, and sustainability information required under the SFDR to build a three-level document database: parent company, Society / SICAV, fund
  • We analyse the environmental, social and governance objectives of the individual funds, management processes and transparency.  
  • We then match our analyses to the grids of positive impact (Sustainability Targets) e negative (activities excluded).
  • We then create relative rankings based on the relevance of the managers' efforts in each impact area.
  • Finally, we do an assessment of the quality of the Portfolio invested of individual funds, using a method of aggregation of the main ESG evaluation Society .
Which financial assets do you deal in?
  • Our work focuses on mutual funds and the ETFs compliant with EU regulations (UCITs).
  • We evaluate the ESG quality of Portfolio potentially on all mutual funds which have ratings from third parties that we consider reliable.
    Currently, we process more than 13 000 funds from over 35 000 fund classes.
  • We evaluate processes and ESG impact areas of the only funds that state that sustainability aspects are relevant, i.e. mutual funds and ETFs classified to Articles 8 and 9 of theSFDR. Currently, we evaluate 3 500 funds classified as Articles 8 and 9.
What technological solution do you propose?

To help you get an idea, here is a short list of questions :

  • We offer our customers link the Positive Finance site to its MIFID profiling site for all clients interested in sustainability issues.
  • We provide the client's ESG profile via API, and make our fund and exclusion area evaluations available according to the mode chosen by the user (API, FTP ...)
  • The end customer will be able to consult his Portfolio on the Positive Finance platform free of charge, in a reserved area.
To whom is this service addressed?
  • To financial intermediaries: Banks and SIMs
    We provide the ESG Profile and data combined with the questionnaire on the Universe of Mutual Funds chosen by the client, technological and advisory support.
  • To IT platforms providing MIFID services
    We define a 'master agreement' for the dissemination of our data and facilitate the inclusion of our technology in the technology platform.
  • To Society Insurance companies and their agents, brokers
    We provide both suitability verification services (for bank-insurance business) and integrated services for agents and brokers who have to follow PRIIPS regulations.
I have specific consulting needs, can you help me?

Absolutely, we provide both ESG solutions inspired by the concept of 'Positive Finance' and tailor-made solutions for advanced financial advice.

For more information and an institutional presentation, write to us at

"Our main challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract - sustainable development - and make it a concrete reality for the whole world."

Kofi Annan

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