The MCSR method for building investment quality.

Mc Advisory CSR Society Benefit ( MCSR for short) is the Society publishing company. With Positive Finance we make available
the fruit of extensive data collection and subsequent processing based on a rigorous analysis process.
The aim is to help you select the best investments to earn twice over: for your future and for the world to come.
You will find on this page the presentation of the MCSR method.

1. Summarising good investment practices

Returns, sustainability risk management and positive impact on the world.

The financial approach

We use modern financial analysis techniques to optimise earnings and financial risks.

We created an ESG factor analysis model to assess the quality of sustainability risk management.

ESG analysis

Ethical finance

Inspired by ethical finance, we assess the culture and transparency of managers and select impact investments.

2. We seek a strong sustainability matrix

We apply around 200 criteria to assess the management philosophy of Society, culture and process quality.

Public commitments and voluntary memberships, UNPRI, Global Compact... Alliances in the academic, research and non-profit worlds.

In the financial group

In the Society management

Good governance practices, Ethics Committee, internal impact plans and targets.

The specific financial and non-financial objectives it is pursuing.

How it selects sustainability-related risks and how it is managing regenerative impacts and adverse impacts related to savings.

In each fund

3. Rewarding transparency

Not green-washing but substance. We observe whether Society is clear and transparent in describing company policies, selection criteria and results.

Openness towards Society civil

What is the Group's vision and culture of openness? Advisory committees, social budgets, impact assessments: how ready is Society to share its work with the civil Society and investors?

From engagement policy to transformation of business practices: opening up to sustainability issues changes relationships with employees and shareholders.

Commitment to change

4. We analyse the best financial results

Every day we monitor 53,000 funds to highlight the brightest performances and seize the most attractive opportunities.

Focus on returns

Analysis of benchmarks and market phases guides our search for performing assets.

Downside risk, volatility, CVAR models. Technical solutions for choosing when to take risks.

Risk control

The plus of continuity

We show you the investments with the best continuity of results. Serenity is an added value.

5. We apply clear and simple scores

To read our analysis, just count to 5.

Sustainability and performance

Our ratings simplify the search for the best funds. ESG Adjusted Performance(ESGAP) assesses performance and sustainability simultaneously. L'MCSR intensity measures the strength with which the manager invests in ESG. Performance summarises the assessment of continuity and persistence of performance over time.