We create values

Investment process analysis, robo-advisory, and risk management: a 360 approach from an ESG perspective to improve portfolio outcomes by promoting Positive Finance.


ESG profiling and advanced consulting

We integrate our services with the WWW.ROBO4ADVISOR.COM platform and provide professionals with qualified and customised assistance


Look ahead

By including ESG preferences in the Mifid profiling of clients you will get a forward-looking picture with exclusions and UN sustainable development goals.


Focus on substance

You will leave no room for green washing thanks to the application of selected 'ex ante' and Portfolio 'ex post' ESG process analysis metrics.


Search for quality

Using our services, you will have at your disposal analyses of market phases, recommended assets by product and optimised portfolios tailored to each client.

All KPIs of financial analysis and Portfolio

Certification and Due Diligence, advanced investment universes and sub-advisory: with us you will work better and with solutions that reflect your values.

We measure financial quality...

How does your asset allocation perform in times of market stress? With us, you get a detailed analysis of Portfolio stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

...and the quality of sustainability.

What are the sustainability characteristics of the assets in Portfolio? We will check the stocks and mutual funds that make it up for you.

Mutual funds: analysis of portfolios and processes

You can measure management and results with our multi-factor model: 3,200 qualified funds, over 40,000 rated portfolios.

Listed shares in the world: market consensus

With over 30,000 actions and 12 classification criteria, our database can meet all your management needs.

Customise your choices

It applies the factor analyses provided in our technology model to create 'ad personam' investment solutions.

Monitor performance

With our risk management services, which complement phase analysis and fund picking, you can think long term while controlling short term.

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