Build a good Portfolio on climate change

We help you incorporate the topic of climate change into your Portfolio (UN Goal 13) while maintaining excellent prospects for financial gain.


Toward a double benefit: for the climate and for your savings

According to the United Nations, developed countries need to invest $6 trillion to realize their commitments to counter the effects of climate change . Positive Finance helps families incorporate this important issue into their savings by following the UN agenda.

Build your own Portfolio by following our operational tips

You will find methodological tips for forming a Portfolio performant on the topic of climate change using Positive Finance data : we will take you step by step.

If you want the assistance of a professional, contact your trusted financial advisor who will be able to help you make your project a reality and answer all your questions.

Or subscribe to Positive Finance's Portfolio climate and online sim!

With online sim and Positive Finance you will make your Portfolio on climate change in 4 clicks!

We offer a climate model wallet service that you can follow directly from your smartphone.

The Positive Finance team takes care of everything: the selection of the best climate and sustainable funds, their allocation according to market conditions , and periodic reporting. Online sim ensures that all transactions are executed on economically advantageous terms.

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The three stages of the process


Define your goals:
on climate and financial  

Set integrated goals that consider both financial factors (expected performance and market risks) and sustainability factors (climate and other ESG factors) by clearly defining your sustainability priorities and ambition.


Select mutual funds
and quality ETFs  

Choose managers who demonstrate an ability to achieve your financial goals while meeting high standards for managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities and actively managing the climate impacts of their investments.


Evaluate the performance
of your investments

Measure your dual benefit: Compare your financial management results against the market and assess the continuity of your performance. Check your environmental impact indicators and assess compliance with your sustainability goals.