Positive Finance's Portfolio on climate change

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Want to include the climate theme in your Portfolio investment? All it takes is one click.

Thanks to Online sim's Portfolio model service "Climate Change," you can receive directly to your cell phone, a Portfolio dedicated to this topic.

MC Advisory CSR, the Society Benefit that administers Positive Finance, does it all: it selects dedicated climate funds based on their financial and environmental characteristics and creates a risk-controlled Portfolio with the goal of maximizing performance while controlling impacts on the planet.

Several times in a year, you will receive proposals for new model portfolios directly to your cell phone that you can implement in seconds. Positive Finance will comment on your management and sustainability choices.

The features of Positive Finance's Portfolio "Climate Change."


1) Our climate and financial goals: a double gain.

MCSR leverages artificial intelligence to build portfolios with high environmental and climate content and capable of realizing financial gains aligned with international equity markets.

Portfolio invests exclusively in mutual funds and ETFs that pass MCSR's rigorous sustainability criteria, based on the examination of 450 sustainability management metrics, with a focus on climate impacts.

You will get a double benefit: a Portfolio on climate change converging toward the goals of the Paris Agreement and returns aligned with the international stock market.


2) We build a diversified Portfolio stock:

Portfolio is 100% invested in equity funds of leading Society management companies with a strong culture of sustainability and committed to theParis Agreement climate goals (+1.5° c vs. pre-industrial era).

MCSR chooses between 5 and 8 Society management with a wide range of sustainable funds (S.F.D.R. art. 8 and 9) where a strong component referring to environmental and climate issues is represented.

The Portfolio consists of 8 to 12 positions.


3) We select only mutual funds of excellent financial and ESG quality.

MCSR applies a financial optimization process after creating an investment universe restricted to less than 10% of equity funds that meet the following characteristics:

  • Purpose: All funds primarily care for sustainability (S.F.D.R. art. 8 and 9)
  • Processes: funds must demonstrate a higher than market focus on environmental factors (top 50%)
  • Impacts: the Portfolio invested must be of high environmental quality (top 30%)

At least 50 percent of Portfolio is composed of funds dedicated to energy and ecological transition and funds dedicated to environmental sustainability (renewable energy, biodiversity, water, circular economy).


4) We use hundreds of indicators to evaluate performance

MCSR calculates about 900 ratings each day to measure the comparative quality of each of the 12,000 mutual funds it analyzes:

  • The performance rating measures the fund's ability to outperform the market in trend, down, and crisis phases and the stability of returns
  • Risk macrorating measures each fund's losses in various market phases
  • ESG intensity rating measures the effort of managers, i.e., the comparative quality of their transparency, management processes, and the environmental, social, and good governance ambition of mutual funds and ETFs
  • The ESG risk and impact rating measures the ESG risks and impacts of companies where the manager has invested.

5) We monitor the adverse impacts of the Portfolio

On a monthly basis, the Investment Committee reviews management results and decides whether to intervene with arbitrages to maximize financial performance and optimize the risk level of Portfolio.

The Committee verifies that Positive Finance's Portfolio "Climate Change" continuously meets the following ESG management stakes :

  • At least 50% of the fund must have a convergent climate trajectory toward the Paris Agreement (temperature rise contained within 2 ° c )
  • Exposure tofossil energy or companies that do not comply with the UN Global Compact must be residual (less than 1% of AuM)
  • The environmental impacts of Portfolio must be among the best in the market (first quartile)

6) We assess all environmental impacts of the Portfolio 

We have created a proprietary "Climate Change" indicator that measures 36 impacts of savings from Portfolio investing, and allows funds to be compared with one another.

Our indicator mainly takes into consideration:
- Greenhouse gas emissions (intensity, carbon footprint)
- Energy efficiency (fossil fuels, alternatives ...)
- The pursuit of environmental sustainability (EU taxonomy)
- The preservation of biodiversity
- Air, land and water pollution