Face to face
with the bank
and the consultant.


At this point you can act

You now have the tools to ask for a personalised service that focuses on your needs and ideals.

The solid foundations of a competence

You have all the tools to dialogue on an equal footing with your bank or financial intermediary, demanding respect for your preferences and establishing a transparent and profitable relationship with them. But we do not abandon you and continue to offer you the tools to choose investments and control your Portfolio.

you know how to improve
your portfolio

Whatever the results of the analysis of your current Portfolio , you now have the opportunity to understand the scope for improvement in terms of performance and impact.

Every investment choice contains a direct relationship between return and risk. Now you can broaden your view by also assessing the risks of your choices for the environment and Society.

Can you assess the risk of choices

You know how to dialogue
with professionals

Trust is everything, which is why it must be a conscious trust.
As an informed and competent investor, you can have a more transparent and fair comparison with your bank or financial advisor.

Prepare the meeting with your intermediary

If you want to do it yourself, know that the investor's path is full of traps, a good advisor can help you avoid many practical mistakes or those that stem from our psychology, we will also shortly explain how to defend yourself against investment mistakes.

Prepare the meeting as well as possible in order to be clear about what to ask for and to pay attention to the quality and cost of your counsellor's advice.

Our recommendations

  • The financial adviser is obliged to carry out your risk profiling (through the MIFID questionnaire) and to check that the products and services offered are suited to you ;
  • The consultant shall managing your ESG preferencescheck that they are consistent with your MIFID profile, if you manifest them. NOT is required to ask you your ESG preferences before 1 August 2022! But if you declare your interest, a solution will have to be sought. Then, you absolutely must urge him ;
  • The consultant must then make available to you information material of the products and services it offers (KIID, prospectus): in the prospectuses and regulations of mutual funds, you will find a section specifying whether the fund is managed according to sustainability principles and which ones.
    Know that ALL fund prospectuses indicate whether they promote sustainability (so-called ESG - SFDR Article 8) or if they are sustainable funds (SFDR Article 9)
  • An insurance agent cannot offer you mutual funds directly, but he may offer you an insurance policy of the following type "unit-linked o "multi-branch. Beware, they are different and sometimes complex contracts, because they cover a insurance risk. You will find in the general policy conditions description of the service financial e insurance as well as the costs (c.d. insurance loadings).
  • Insurance products more rarely have indications of sustainability, but things are getting better little by little.
  • By law, the financial advisor must have recognised qualifications (verification HERE if he is registered as a financial advisor), and make some compulsory annual refresher courses. So it should know both the subjects financial and economicstandards tax and know the basics about sustainable investments.
  • Even the bank employees non-members of the register of financial advisers may provide financial advice, subject to prior authorisation. appropriate qualification pathway.
  • The insurance agents have similar training obligations to bank employees when selling products with high financial content.

To help you get an idea, here is a short list of questions :

  • He wants at all costs sell you a product or is it trying with you to Define e reach your investment objectives ?
  • To what extent does it adapt its proposals as you explain your needs to him?
  • How transparent it is on costs underwriting, administration, management and exit of the products it offers?
  • How transparent is your remuneration when you ask him? He doesn't work for free...

Here are a few questions that a good financial advisor should ask you:

  • Are you familiar with the term 'ESG investment' or sustainable investment?
  • How much are important for you ESG or sustainable investments?
  • You already have in mind a sustainable investment theme that you are particularly interested in? (The discussion allows you to focus on which topic(s))
  • There are some sectors of economic activity you absolutely want ? (exclusions of certain controversial activities)
  • How you want to balance returns and sustainability ?
    • I want a fund that promotes E S G features and offers good financial perspectives
    • I want an SRI fund (i.e. priority research an impact positive about the world and as a criterion )

"Learning is experimenting. Everything else is information.

Albert Einstein

If you would like more information, please write to positivefinance@mcadvisory.it and we will be happy to clarify your doubts.