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Basic information for use

For our children.
We believe that only a major change in our financial habits will give them positive prospects. Instead, if we continue to ignore the warning signals coming from the environment and Society, we will put the planet itself at risk.

The site is managed by MC Advisory CSR srl SB, a Society benefit with registered office in Voghera, which provides technical and consulting support.

The MC Advisory group is the brainchild of a group of experienced wealth management entrepreneurs who want to make their knowledge of investment and sustainability available to the public and professionals.

At this stage you can send us a message using the form provided in the " contact us" section for technical questions and reports: we will do our utmost to reply as soon as possible. Later on, we will communicate directly via chat.

We are working to make the user experience as smooth as possible in all languages (the source language is Italian). We continuously edit texts to improve the quality of translations and apologise if some parts are not yet translated.

The site is currently structured on three levels:

The "Open" level , open to non-registered users, contains basic information on finance and sustainability and on how to manage your bank;

The 'Free' level, free upon registration, contains financial product rankings and more advanced analysis tools, such as an ESG questionnaire or analysis of your Portfolio;

The 'Freemium' level , which is currently free of charge, includes analysis tools from Portfolio usually reserved for wealthy clients of private banks.

The 'Free' subscription provides you with concise sustainability information and some basic research functions.
In the paid subscription ("Freemium") we remove these limitations and give you advanced research functions, both in finance and sustainability.

The "Freemium" subscription is currently on a free trial.
Users will be notified well in advance when this free trial ends, and those who confirm their subscription will be entitled to a discount on the list price of €10/month!

On the performance of mutual funds

ESG Adjusted Performance is our proprietary intensity calculation, which integrates the performance and financial risks of the last 3 years with ESG intensity. We recalculate it every day!
Consult the Glossary for more information.

In fact, not all the funds indicated are located in Italy (see disclaimer).

Become a 'Freemium' user and you will be able to take advantage of the advanced search functions, which will allow you to find the best funds by asset class, Society management, etc. and thus easily check the quality of the fund results offered by your bank.

We periodically expand the lists of funds analysed: let us know which fund you are interested in via the contact form (please indicate ISIN code, fund name and Society management company) and we will take this into account in the next update. Please note that we will only include funds managed with clear sustainability intentions(SFDR Art. 8 or 9).

Positive Finance wants to select the best sustainable funds, it does not analyse all funds on the market.

Currently, we have measured the ESG content of more than a thousand funds. It is possible that we have not yet collected enough information on your funds or it is possible that your funds are not qualified. However, using the Portfolio check function, you will have access to our database of over 50,000 funds and should find information on all funds sold in the UK, including yours.

We have dedicated a page to the 17 UN SDGs in the "ESG" menu. You will find in "Explore" the aggregated impact categories we have created to facilitate this type of research.

In addition, if you are a "Freemium" user, you can consult the thematic funds that have declared to be aligned with the 17 UN SDGs.

Yes, we will make some generic portfolios available to registered users . These will be portfolios that are designed to remain stable over time, in line with our philosophy of sustainability, simplicity and financial efficiency.

I cannot find this financial content

Certainly! Short- and medium-term government bonds have historically been the "heart" of Italian households' savings. Now they are not very profitable but, recently. a large number of green bonds have been issued and we want to give suitable analysis tools on these sometimes complex products.

The liquidability of assets is a central issue in asset planning and will be discussed in more detail.
There are a number of alternative financial institutions that offer products fully dedicated to sustainability and with variable liquidity. We will analyse these products.

The Italian crowdfunding regulatory framework is one of the most evolved in Europe and is rightly based on risk diversification. There are various forms of crowdfunding (peer to peer lending, equity shares), but sustainability assessments of these products are rare. We are trying to select some interesting solutions and suitable investment strategies.

At the moment, we do not provide guidance because 80% of individuals who manage portfolios in listed equities on their own lose money.
We have focused on mutual funds and ETFs that allow diversification, quality financial management and sustainability. In all simplicity.

CFDs are derivative products similar to 'futures' and should only be offered to experienced investors, as total loss of capital is common among novices.

We strongly discourage private investors from using derivative products and any form of speculation.

You won't find any advice on cryptocurrencies here. They were born as inviolable keys to a revolutionary technology, the blockchain . The fact that they have become an object of financial speculation has nothing to do with their original purpose nor with positive finance.

About ESG intensity

Probably yes. We use more elaborate protocols for financial institutions that ask us for customised analyses of Portfolio.
Contact us via the contact form and explain your case.

This is a topic we have promised to study in detail.
Insurers are required to provide information on the sustainability of their high-financial products, such as unit-linked policies. Unfortunately, the insurance funds that make up multi-branch products are rarely transparent. Ask your insurance advisor for more information, he will have to answer to you.

For 'Freemium' users, we have created a report that lets you know which funds have received one or more quality labels and their financial and ESG performance.

No. Italy participates, through the Forum for Sustainable Finance, in the Transparent label and several Italian Society management companies have submitted their funds to foreign labels and/or adhered to the Transparent label.
But there is no Italian quality label structured according to principles similar to those applied by the European labels we have analysed.

Educational and training proposals

Yes, we will make training material available on the platform.
Our aim is to offer a range of online courses to the public to disseminate the culture of financial management and sustainability.

The courses will serve to prepare the public for financial planning, a subject that is little known and often reserved for very wealthy clients.

We'll be there to help you avoid the most common mistakes, but we don't advise you to manage your money yourself.
Stock markets have been rising for 10 years... but it hasn't always been this way. We believe in collaboration with the
financial advisory industry where a new generation of quality intermediaries will emerge to whom you can turn. Read our disclaimer on this subject.

Yes, we are designing educational packages to raise awareness of investment and sustainability issues among secondary and high school children.
The modules will range from introduction to statistics to civic education to school-to-work alternation. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Not at present. Agreements are being planned with operators in the sector in order to put together packages in partnership that can be used to award training credits.
For more information on this topic, please contact us.