ROBO4ADVISOR, your ally for sustainable financial advice.


Optimize profitability and sustainability of portfolios with simplicity

Robo4Advisor is the only platform aligned with Positive Finance principles. It allows you, in full compliance with current regulations, to maximize at the same time :

  • The client's profitability goals, depending on the client 's appetite for financial risk
  • and its sustainability goals.

Our commitment : making time for you

Robo4Advisor is not just another roboadvisory platform :

  • We evaluate more than 13 000 Mutual Funds, ETFs, Separate Management Funds, according to the classical financial and sustainability lens.
  • We provide dozens of model portfolios developed using the latest management techniques : time-based, benchmark-based, or with absolute return objectives.

R4A uses artificial intelligence to generate thousands of financial and sustainability ratings daily on a simple scale of zero to five.

You will find in R4A versions of the model portfolios applied to your specific investment universe .

And you can customize all allocations according to your client's preferences : allocations in ETFs (low cost), with precise ESG objectives, micro-assets, multi-branch insurance allocations ... the choices are endless.

Increase your customers' satisfaction

Sustainability preferences
become a source of dialogue

Robo4Advisor integrates all sustainability content from Positive Finance :

  • R4A is aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda and assesses the quality of performance in 15 areas of sustainability
  • The possibility of excluding 30 controversial sectors of the economy
  • All ESG quality labels awarded in Europe
  • Never neglecting the profitability goals and risk profile of your clients.

because ESG is also a fantastic opportunity to create profitable portfolios and to the image of your clients.

Create your own personalized wallets

Upload your clients' portfolios to obtain a double valuation according to the principles of Positive Finance:

  • A calculation of their financial quality, that is, the regularity of their performance and risk
  • An assessment of their sustainability, using industry-leading assessment methodologies.

Use your model portfolios and the sustainability preferences of your clients recorded in Positive Finance or from other sources to create efficient allocations.

Export the allocations to your administrative reference platform, and reallocate the Portfolio.

Robo4Advisor is integrated with IfaBE software.

If you are a client of IFABE, you can take advantage of the automatic link between our platforms :

  • Aggregation of securities accounts and customer insurance products (IFABE)
  • Automatic interface and analysis of portfolios (R4A)
  • Processing of optimized portfolios (R4A)
  • Order Generation and Digital Signature (IFABE)
  • Facilitated Execution (IFABE)

Do you want to give it a try ?
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The technical and functional characteristics

What technological architecture ?
  • R4A is available in the cloud and does not require local downloads to operate.
  • The platform relies on Amazon's Cloud services to provide users with a secure and high-performance experience.
What financial assets will I find in the database ?
  • Our work focuses on savings products : IBIPs, mutual funds, ETFs, ETCs, Funds of Funds, Real Estate Funds.
  • Currently, we analyze over 13 000 funds, traceable to over 35 000 classes of funds.
  • At the request of customers, we add Financial instruments and proxys : Stocks, Bonds, certificates.

We guarantee a very high coverage of products for sale in France and Italy, and upon simple request, we add missing instruments to the database in a few days.

What depth of analysis on financial products ?
  • We have classified financial products by nature for the purpose of enabling you to easily access each asset class
  • Each fund contains :
    - A basic master file (classification, SFDR, Costs, management)
    - An analysis of the performance and risks of the past 10 years
    - An analysis of the stability of returns and risks by market phase (bull, bear, crisis, recent trend, three-year continuity)
    - all key financial indicators
    - a sustainability summary sheet (8 ratings)
    - A detailed sheet (15 OSS, 30 areas of exclusion)
What are the main features ?

R4A is built around 5 modules :

  • Fund Finder : the simple search for top-performing funds by asset class
  • Global Finder : the creation of complex extraction rules to identify the best funds according to the principle of "double gain" : a fully user-configurable environment.
  • Model portfolios : 30 super-performing generic portfolios, and dozens of variations applied on the most widely used investment products and universes in France and Italy.
  • Goal Finder : identifying the best funds of the moment according to market performance.
  • Custom portfolios : a portfolio editor to customize your clients' asset allocations.
To whom is ROBO4ADVISOR addressed ?
  • to independent financial advisors
  • to financial advisors in large networks who want a tool to grow their client base
  • to family offices
  • To medium and small banks that want to do advanced consulting
  • To private banks and financial advisor networks
  • To brokers and insurance agents interested in providing financial advice to their clients
  • to investment services of institutions active in complex portfolio management (insurance, Society corporate)
I have specific needs , can it be customized ?

Absolutely, R4A is available in standard versions in French, Italian and English.

Delocalized and customized enterprise versions can be created that take advantage of our advanced options : daily online risk control engine, creation of "ad personam" investment universes, "on demand" roboadvisoy algorithms, etc.

For more information and an institutional presentation, write to us at

"Our main challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract - sustainable development - and make it a concrete reality for the whole world."

Kofi Annan

If you would like more information, please write to and we will be happy to clarify your doubts.