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Learn about positive finance

We give you the tools to learn about and invest in ethical and sustainable funds, a win-win choice. Analyses now show that these funds have better performance and lower risks. And financial markets have realised that companies that apply ethical and sustainability standards are more likely to succeed in the long term.

What is Positive Finance.

Earning or being useful? This is no longer a dilemma. No more forced choices between profits and ideals, between self-interest and the common good. Positive finance is the new frontier of sustainability. It is the way to invest your money by promoting the values you believe in without sacrificing returns. On the contrary, increasing it. Because we want sustainability to be a profitable, conscious and affordable choice for everyone.

Being a positive investor means choosing competently from the wide range of financial products on offer the ones that best match your profile. Not only as an investor who wants to maximise returns, but also as a person who wants to use his or her money to help change the world.

What shall I do with my money?

It is the main dilemma of any investor. Italians are a people of ants: Italian households have financial assets estimated at €11 trillion, and uninvested liquidity estimated at €2 trillion. Our investment choices can make all the difference. Without having to choose between personal interest and collective utility.

The financial investor

"I want to revalue my assets without risking too much".
Every investor wants to earn a good return while limiting risks. But there is a way to earn twice: for yourself and for the world.

"I want my Portfolio to improve the world and be consistent with my values."
The ethical investor wants his money to help improve the environment, Society and the policies of governments and businesses. And he requires guarantees that his money will not be used to support economic activities in which he does not believe.

The ethical investor
ethical investor (ESG)

The investor

"I want my assets to be valued in the right way."
The sustainable investor checks both the financial and behavioral risks of the companies where they invest. He learns to appreciate the financial returns and risks, and the impacts generated by his investments.

ESG, sustainability in three letters

Environment, Society and Good Governance: the three fields on which our future is at stake. Here is what you need to know to make informed, ethical and effective investment choices.



The impact

"Let us save the planet and the ecosystem".



The impact

"Let us help people and improve society".



The impact of
Good Governance

"Let us make more fair and effective decisions".


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15 quality checks

Fifteen labels, i.e. quality labels from specialist, independent certification bodies, which we want to promote because they guarantee the quality and sustainability of the funds.
Fifteen labels that support and spread good practice at European level and guarantee you the best choice on the market, from all points of view.


The words of positive finance.

ESG, SDG, ETF, ISIN. But also equity and bond funds, performance, volatility... Financial jargon is full of acronyms and specialist terms . In order to move easily in the field of informed investment, it is necessary to understand their meaning. Here is a reasoned vocabulary to help you find your way around.