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isin Fund ESGAP MCSR intensity SFDR Performance Risk Perf. 6 months Perf. 1 year Perf. 3 years
US46090E1038 Invesco QQQ Trust (Q) 0 ND 3 1 16,14 39.1557 44.592
US9229087690 Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF 1 ND 3 2 15,75 27.6118 35.4289
LU2475531930 LUX IM GLOBAL EQUITY VALUE DLX 1 ND 2 3 13,47 20.0791
BE0126162628 KBC Equity Fund America Cap. 0 ND 3 1 16,77 26.9673 28.9945
DE0009757740 UniEuroAktien 1 ND 3 3 15,26 10.3762 16.7878
IE00BD9PL257 Zurich Invest World Equity Index ZI1 1 ND 3 2 14,37 22.8009 26.669
IE000UZIKD07 JPMorgan Global Research Enhanced Index Equity SRI Paris Aligned UCITS ETF (MI) 0 ND 1 1 16,19
GB00BYTRDH73 JPMorgan UK Equity Income C Net Acc 1 ND 3 3 12,72 15.5661 22.2783
LU0307458686 Eastspring Inv. China Equity J 0 ND 0 0 -13,19 -25.945 -55.902
LU1190404001 CompAM Cadence Strategic Asia A 0 ND 1 1 5,04 -1.4556 -26.7656

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isin Fund ESGAP MCSR intensity SFDR Continuity Performance Risk Perf. 6 months Perf. 1 year Perf. 3 years