MCSRintensity: This is a proprietary MCSR measure that summarises the ratings of the quality of the sustainable investment process. Funds with a rating of 5 have an excellent process for investing in ESG instruments, while funds with a lower score are preferable to funds that do not engage in positive finance, which have 0 by definition.

MCSR Intensity: This is a valuation based on a proprietary MCSR model that measures the quality of the management process of an ESG / SRI investment. Funds with a maximum rating of 5 have an excellent ESG / SRI management process. Ordinary funds without an ESG / SRI management policy are defined as 0.

MCSR Intensity: this is a proprietary evaluation from MCSR which summarises the quality of the management of sustainability issues (ESG / SRI) by a fund manager. Funds with 5 have an excellent process, while funds with 1 have some activities carreid out and are still preferrable respect to "ordinary" funds who are rated 0 by definition.