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at the SRI Salon

November 15, 2023

Positive Finance at the SRI Show

Moving beyond regulatory dictates to build an effective and customized ESG advisory model

Financial intermediaries often focus on regulatory dictates rather than client needs and are struggling to seize the opportunities offered by the ESG revolution. International experiences and early tests in Italy and France testify that sustainability is the key to strengthening client personalization and trust. Practical examples and case-studies will guide our path to new financial advisory solutions and new sustainable collection tools.

Palazzo delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 61, Milan
Solari Hall - 2:35 p.m.


Alain Keck, Managing Director MC Advisory CSR SB


An Economics graduate from HEC Paris, Alain is an expert in Sustainability and Wealth Management.
In 2021, he founded MC Advisory CSR SB, the first Italian aggregator of ESG/SRI data able to link international "best practices" and "roboadvisory" technologies to assess sustainability and financial quality of investments.
A lecturer in sustainable finance for Business School24, Alain is behind the creation of Positivefinance.com.

Raimondo Marcialis, Founder Positivefinance.com


Raimondo has in his long professional career directed several SGRs and pension funds, before creating in 2015 a Society dedicated to financial consulting, MC Advisory.
In 2017 he launched the ROBO4ADVISOR.COM platform, the first in Italy to provide advisory services to intermediaries.
He is a founding partner of MC Advisory CSR SB and has been teaching within Business School24's "Banking & Fintech" Master's program for 25 years.

Filippo Capaccioli, Head Dir. of Finance, Bco Cambiano 1884


Filippo holds a degree in Political Philosophy from Cesare Alfieri University in Florence and has been in charge of finance management at Banca Cambiano 1884 spa since 2021.
He manages the bank's financial assets and coordinates private asset management activities with a strong focus on sustainability and investment quality.

What we are going to talk about

non-compliance with bioethics

Advanced ESG consulting

How financial intermediaries can implement a sustainable, different and high-performing advisory service



How financial intermediaries can meet regulators' expectations in the area of sustainability while increasing the quality of their services


Private Investors

What are customers' expectations of sustainability and how to engage them, with testimony from Banca Cambiano 1884.