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Mutual funds analyzed !
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Positive Finance has turned 1 year old !


a year ago, we inaugurated the Positive Finance website on the tip of our toes, refusing to bow to mass marketing economic logic.
We are self-financed and totally independent.

Today you are 6,000 users from 69 countries, as interested as we are in combining positive environmental, social and Good Government returns and impacts.

Thank you all for your trust !

We are inaugurating this new news section to best accompany you on this journey, We will comment on current events and give you information usually reserved exclusively for the most fortunate clientele.

Connect regularly to follow Positive Finance's current events and write to us about your experience !

10 000 Funds analyzed in platform !

analysis criteria
Funds and ETFs

Positive Finance aims to reward ethical and sustainable funds through in-depth analysis of their management criteria. We have become the largest financial and ESG database open to the public in Europe.

We provide you with our financial and sustainability assessments on more than 10 000 mutual funds, more or less sustainable. Make YOUR choices according to your own criteria !

With Positive Finance, savers can earn twice, optimizing financial returns, controlling financial and extra-financial risks, while choosing funds that best fit their sustainability goals and ethical values.

Our rankings are updated daily, in particular ESGAP, our synthetic indicator of financial quality and ESG : is an important aid in turbulent markets : it measures sustainability, risk control, and continuity of performance of individual funds.

Look for top-rated funds to rapidly improve the performance and sustainability of your Portfolio !

A new ethical quality label, Nummus Ethics

Sustainability Labels are rewards awarded by Society independent third parties to funds that fill certain ESG quality criteria.
We have analyzed the top 16 European labels in the "Quality Labels" section of the website.

This month we added an Italian Ethics Label, Nummus Ethics, which rewards funds that respect the investment principles of the Catholic Church, as defined by the Italian Bishops' Conference.

Ethics, Environment, Sustainability, Solidarity, Transparency, Climate, Label-certified themes are fundamental to our Future and you can see on the website the performance of funds that have received these rewards.

Expanded ESG profiling.

Since August, it has become mandatory for financial intermediaries to ask for the ESG profile of their clients.

Those who followed the legislation generally limited themselves to two questions:

  1. "How interested are you in the topic of sustainability ?"
  2. "If you had to give a sustainability orientation, would you choose Environment, Society or Good Governance ? (multiple answers possible)."

You may have to start, but there is so much more to offer you.

We have strengthened our questionnaire to enable you to find exactly the funds that represent you. Update your preferences in the "Discover" section.

So, update your questionnaire to learn about the best mutual funds, that is, those that are closest to your values, and the best performing .

In the Fall, we will introduce new features.


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Answers to your most frequently asked questions :

If your service is free, how do you finance yourself ?

We are a Society Benefit, i.e., a Society with a social mission: the Positive Finance website fills our goal of educating the Public about Finance and Sustainability issues.

Our primary source of revenue comes from financial intermediaries, financial advisors, Banks and Society Insurance. To them we sell data and services to effectively integrate sustainability into their service offerings.

If you work with the Financial Industry, you have a conflict of interest....

We do not work directly with Society Asset Management, but with their Institutional clients (Banks, SIMs, Insurance Companies) who in turn place mutual funds to the public.

Our professional clients seek the best return/risk/sustainability ratios, have interests that are perfectly aligned with Positive Finance platform users.

I would like to manage my Portfolio on the site, but it is too complicated.

There have been many of you who have reported to us the difficulty in using the "Check" section. Prepare an Excel file with ISIN and Weight and send us a request via the contact link from the email you used to register and we will upload your Portfolio free of charge .

We are developing a new, more content-rich and easier-to-use section that will be available in the Fall, containing this feature - and many others !

Your translations are very inaccurate

In fact, French and English translations are driven by artificial intelligence and sometimes imperfect.

We are doing our best to offer the platform in three languages, but our resources are limited and we are forced to give priority to the Italian version and the international (English) version.

Please report anomalies and we will correct the errors, thank you.